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We are your development partner for embedded projects. We support you from requirement engineering to system design, from implementation to testing. We also offer turnkey solutions for your embedded project, including certification, housing, and production. We are embedded experts, but we are experienced in all kind of software development from PC based applications with graphical user interface to low level assembly microcontroller code. We have a strong focus on system design/architecture, which is - in our opinion - the most important prerequisite for high quality and extensible software/hardware products.


Software/Hardware Development

We develop embedded software and hardware for Linux or microcontroller based platforms. We have a strong expertise on real-time systems, for example for control/measurement or data logging tasks. We also have a strong background in protocols, interfaces, and security, for example for connecting embedded systems to "the cloud" or to wireless technology.

SYSTEM Retrofit 

Your existing control system (machine control, engine control, etc.) needs a feature update? You need a cloud interface, data logging of process data, new user interface, etc.? You want to spare the effort of a complete product redesign? We will find the most cost efficient solution for your task and we will implement all the necessary hardware/software updates  to guarantee the future of your products. 

antenna design

We are strong in wireless technologies. Antennas are a crucial factor in any wireless communication regarding costs and performance. We are designing the "right" antenna for your requirements.

FPGA Design

FPGAs are extremely powerful and flexible building blocks which can be profitably used in diverse areas, such as real-time processing. We are able to integrate FPGAs in our designs to boost processing power, simplify system design or enable various interfaces.


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