Real-Time Control Systems

You are looking for custom tailored solutions for control systems, data loggers, or any other kind of signal processing tasks? A new development is too costly for your production volume? Off-the-shelf systems are not flexible enough or to costly? We offer you an alternative solution: Customized systems to prices of (almost) off-the-shelf components. Based on our soft- and hardware building blocks, we are able to develop custom specific solutions to competitive prices even for small production volumes. We offer turnkey solutions - if desired with housing, certification, production, and documentation.


For multi-purpose measure/control/data logging tasks

Graphical User Interface


Sub Ghz low Power Wide Range communication


Cloud Interface




ZYNQ PCIe board with FMC connector for custom specific extension boards.

Data sheet, prices, etc.: See our distribution partner (coming soon).



  • ZYNQ  XC72015

  • FMC connector

  • PCIe IP Core

  • Linux OS

BBB FPGA Extension Board

Beagle Bone Black CAPE for multichannel Audio Processing (Prototyping Platform for generic Audio Processing tasks)



  • Spartan 6 FPGA
  • 16 Mono Input channels (8 Stereo)
  • 8 Mono output channels

The BBB cape is a prototype project and not for sale yet. But if you are interested in the technology or the hardware platform, please contact us.


Sensor Design/Antenna Design

The antenna design is a critical factor for wireless sensors. PCB antennas are offering a robust system design and a competitive price for wireless sensors.



  • PCB antenna for LORA sensors to be integrated on a wireless sensor node
  • Antenna Filter Design for external or PCB antenna

LoraWAN Gateway

For testing and prototyping purposes we developed a LoraWAN Gateway.



Feature 1

The LoraWAN Gateway allows Lora based devices to communicate over long range wireless connections.